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AnfangsdatumDezember 31, 2022
EndterminDezember 31, 2022
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Koakuma is an multiplayer online ARPG game with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics intensive metaverse. Koakuma is a P2E Gamefi 2.0 project packed with lots to explore and earn and designed for users all around the world where players fight in epic battles using specially designed NFT assets. Players act as a witcher in the game and will acquire various digital assets as they proceed through the Koakuma metaworld. The game is unique with various features that will ensure long term gameplay participation with legendary equipment, mysterious dungeons, ancient treasures discoveries and challenges throughout.

1/2 Koakuma Uniq Hero Sold Out

Thanks for your support of #Koakuma Uniqs, we will be hosting a #Giveaways🎉

📜Rule: If all Hero Uniq can be sold out within the specified time, we will randomly select 10 Koakuma Hero Uniq holders to send NFTs

More details 👇

#Web3Gaming #NFTs

KOAKUMA | Uniq Hero Sold Out

With your support of our Uniq Collection, we will be hosting a giveaway 🎉

Rule: Uniq Hero holders can participate and we will draw the winners!

Duration: 24hrs

Prize 🎁
🦁 3 Grane Arcana Skin
🦁 7 Grane Avatar

#Koakuma #Web3Gaming #CBT2

Let's revisit some of the games coming to Ultra Games–Wave 3!

✅ Double Cross
✅ Garfield Kart Furious Racing
✅ @Kardomance
✅ @Koakuma_Game
✅ Mable & The Wood

Find out how you can get access to Wave 3:

Koakumaverse 🦁

Our podcast 🎧 with @AdLunamInc The Future of NFTs with our Business Developer Lance Tan is now live on Spotify!

#Koakuma #Web3Gaming

Koakumaverse, our CBT2 Tournament - 2nd Round has just started. @xhm0405, one of our top players, will begin streaming on Discord in 1 hour ⏲️

See you guys in game lounge ⚔️


#Koakuma #Web3Gaming #CBT2

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