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AnfangsdatumMärz 01, 2019
EndterminDezember 31, 2020
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Our team has been delivering cloud CRM since 2003 when we launched  We've seen all of the problems and limitations with SaaS and cloud-based solutions and believe that Enterprise software will evolve from cloud to blockchain. With over 600,000 customers over 16 years, we decided to add the COGS token to our new, next-generation platform and transform it into a smart-contract based system.  Cogmento's Enterprise software suite, powered by blockchain, will create new ways for organizations to work together in a distributed application environments with the trust and security of blockchain-enabled smart contracts powered by the COGS token. 

A Free "Zoom" Group Video for Every Employee

From Cogmento Business Services @cogmento

Don't be fooled -- there is only one Free CRM - - The World's #1 Free CRM - Salesforce is $$$ Expensive and HubSpot has hidden fees $$$ . Free CRM powered by COGS Token and the Ethereum Blockchain

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Preis0.1000 USD Verkauf200,000,000 ZahlungsartETH
Mindestanlage50 USD Verteilung20% AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap1,000,000 USD harter Cap6,000,000 USD